DYI Pool Decor

Updated: Feb 17

Although it is only February, temperatures are rising and will only keep doing so. Where’s the best place to spend a very hot sunny day? By the pool. But, don’t we need a little more than just a pool to enjoy the moments of outdoor happiness? It is time to prep for the hot summer temperatures that are right around the corner, and what better opportunity to do so while it remains cloudy and you are most likely still working from home?

Pool backyards are a luxury of their own, but we want to give you some tips and tricks on how to make it spectacular. Trust us, you won’t want to leave the sunbed. These tips will help you create your personal oasis.

When re-organizing and designing your pool area, what is more important than creating an area to sit and relax. One fundamental factor in the summer heat, is creating shade for you to be able to enjoy the pool. If you can’t simply carry in a palm tree, you can replace them with pergolas, awnings, or umbrellas. There are different types of umbrellas, which we can also move easily from location to location. Pergolas however, because of their size, allow us to create a space outside the house where we can relax and enjoy the backyard. That exterior decoration could be complemented with furniture like chairs, tables, loungers and even a zone for a grill or a BBQ.

We did say that carrying in a palm tree to your backyard could be tricky, but what about other regular plants? Living in a city such as Bangkok where the air is always polluted, decorating your pool area with plants can make it all much more attractive and give your little oasis some clean air. It’s important to choose trees and plants carefully to be placed around the pool. The first factor is to be practical and opt for evergreens, so you don’t have pick up leaves all over. We’re talking about leaves, but they could be flowers of fruits. We also have to consider the roots of the trees, they can grow and come to damage your pool. Overall, we want the plants and trees of our backyard to bring color and life, without being a risk to our pool or its maintenance.

First and foremost, what is more important then lighting? Imagine sitting on your sunbed or in your backyard on a warm evening reading a book, looking out on your dark pool area.

A good lighting in the pool and around it is essential, but it also plays an important decorative role. If you can’t enjoy your pool during the day, you may want to spend some tranquil evenings back there. Don’t worry, even past the sunset, you can enjoy those precious moments of relaxation with different lighting options available. In addition to a good LED lighting system for pools, we can also mix in many different systems to light up your backyard, like spotlights, torches or beacons. If you are interested in installing new pool and backyard and need some tips, do not hesitate to send us an email.

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